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Sunday 13 March 2022


What is the #cookiesforukraine project?

On 24th February 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine started one of the biggest humanitarian crises of this century. A conservative estimate puts the number of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine at 7.1 million. These are mostly women and children who left their homes for life behind to save their lives.

In response to this crisis, many government and non-government organizations have come forward to help those fleeing the war, as well as to help the ones left behind in Ukraine. But given the scale of the crisis, this is not going to be sufficient. People like you and me have to be a part of this response, in whatever way we can.

On my part, I started with this humble project called #cookiesforukraine. I love to bake with all my heart for my children (disclaimer: I am not a professional baker) and when this crisis began, I knew I had to do something for those affected by the war. I was angry but I also knew that I had to respond to this with love. So I started baking cookies which I auction against any kind of contribution towards the humanitarian aid directed to those impacted by this war. Since the time this war broke out, I have baked more than 1500 cookies and have raised around €3500 (that I know of).

So my cookies are a reminder that there are fellow humans who are facing the horrors of war, and that they need our support. 

 How can you contribute to this project?

Many organizations working for this relief are in need of resources. If you already know of any, please support them by donating money/clothes/food/medicine/accommodation/your time. If you need references, here are a few links in no particular order:

  1. Organization working for supporting children displaced due to war:



  1. UN refugee agency:



  1. Ukrainian Church in Munich working for the relief. One can even donate cartons, help in the transport:



  1. Radio station Charivari - send "HILFE" to 44844 to donate 10 euros:



  1. Here, one can donate old clothes, offer accommodation:



  1. Donations in kind, organized by government in Munich. One can drop-off your donations near Kleine Olympiahalle:



  1. PayPal: Aggregation of multiple organizations working for this cause, one could choose any and donate:

Above all, spread the word.
If you would rather prefer to contribute through me (as many of my friends have done), you could transfer the contribution to my PayPal account which I then donate to one of the organizations listed above. But remember, aim is to help our fellow humans. Through me, or without me, it really doesn't matter.

Trust me, empathy is the most significant gift you can give to another human being. And at this difficult time, our friends from Ukraine need a lot of it.

 I am here if you need me..

If you need any further information, or if you are not placed in Germany and still want to contribute, please feel free to contact me: